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I can help your brand stand out in the best possible light with corporate audio for internal or external use. Whether you want to launch a new product, service or update your automated response phone greetings (IVR) corporate audio is the best way to share information with company stakeholders.

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Looking for the right voice for your movie trailer, television, radio or internet ad? I will help you discover the voice that best represents your brand and connects with your audience. Please also see video my demos below.

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Storyteller & Characters

Are you ready to record your audiobook for kids or develop your voice character for a video game or cartoon? As a proud uncle who loves reading to his nieces and nephews, I specialize in voice character development and I'm skilled in creating voices that children love. Contact me to learn more.

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TV Show & Entertainment

Whether you need a voice solution for TV shows, radio commercials,  political campaigns, podcasts, award shows, or Voice of God for events, I've got you covered.

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Educational: Training & E-Learning

Let's discuss your educational or training program. As a professional voice-over I can help bring your project to life in order to inform, educate and inspire your audience.

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